They LIED!

They said it would be fun. They said make some memories. They said they grow up so fast you will want to freeze time. 

THEY LIED!!! I hate family vacations. Four kids that hate each other and fight all time in a tiny condo. Awesomeness! 

Let’s start with the drive. Three hours, not so bad. They only have 500 movies to pick from yet they simply can’t find anything they can all agree on. Screw it! I’m picking….then listening to them whine for two hours that they hate my choice. This is the point when the kids band together as one. Now they are best friends and blood brothers. 

Today is our first full day here. We are skiing so tons of meltdowns about socks, snow pants, helmets, and boots. At this point I am done. I sign them up for ski school and put the baby in the daycare. You would think it would have been perfect but everywhere I turned was one of my kids. I guess when you have four someone is usually there but I didn’t notice until today how bad it was. I heard “Mommy LOOK” more today then in my whole life. 

We get in the car to leave and the kids want to know what is next. Well, it’s 6pm and we have been out all day. We are doing NOTHING! Then I hear you never let us have any fun. I couldn’t contain myself and pulled over and told them to all get out. They thought I was kidding , but I was not. They all got out and I drove away. Actually that didn’t happen. Although I wish it did. Tomorrow we are going snow tubing as a family of six! That sounds fun!!! (Insert sarcasm)

So, my answer to anyone that asks should we get away for a few nights to “relax”, it is a big, fat NEGATIVE!

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